Choosing an Equestrian Quarter Sheet

equestrian quarter sheet

If your horse is clipped or cold backed, a quarter sheet can help to keep their back and hindquarter muscles warm while they are exercising in chilly weather. The insulating properties of a wool or fleece quarter sheet will also help to keep their joints and muscle fibers from getting too tight during exercise.

A fleece quarter sheet is a great choice for keeping your horse warm and dry while riding in cool or rainy conditions. It is lightweight and breathable, making it easy to wear while on the go. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including bright orange for improved visibility when hitching up to the trailer or riding along roads or other busy areas.

The materials used for equestrian quarter sheets vary by style, size and manufacturer. Some are made of a heavy-weight cotton or polyester and will hold up well to regular washing and drying while others are constructed with synthetic material that is lightweight, moisture-wicking and waterproof.

Fleece is a popular choice for an equestrian quarter sheet because it is a natural fiber that can absorb moisture vapor and keep your horse’s body warm. It is also soft and pliable to the touch.

Other materials can be found in equestrian quarter sheets such as wool, nylon, polypropylene, and acrylic. Some can even be infused with a proprietary anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking compound that will make them ideal for use in a wide range of conditions and climates.

Waterproof is an essential feature for a quarter sheet to have in wet weather conditions. This is because the moisture vapor that gets trapped under a waterproof quarter sheet will evaporate faster than if the material is breathable, leaving your horse’s body dry.

This is especially important if you plan to ride your horse in an arena or a barn that is not always well-ventilated. It is a good idea to have a waterproof quarter sheet in a color that stands out on the ground for better visibility.

These types of sheets are sized to fit over a horse’s withers, back and shoulders down the sides and hindquarters. They have girth loops to secure them under the saddle and are stabilized with a tail loop. The girth and saddle must be removed to remove these types of quarter sheets.

Some styles of equestrian quarter sheets have an opening in the front that allows you to put on the sheet and then place the saddle over it without wrinkles or slipping. This type of sheet is useful for riders who want to use the sheet in the warmer months and then take it off during the winter.

Another type of equestrian quarter sheet has a Velcro or buckle that secures to the front and back sections of the quarter sheet to keep the entire piece in place while you are riding. This makes it easier to remove if you need to change your mind or stop riding and go home.